Alteryx & orkestra

The winning duo to industrialize the production of your business data

Orkestra guarantees the traceability of data produced and implements a quality and governance approach to Alteryx data processing. 

Alteryx facilite la production
des données par les métiers

  • Importance of data for professions. 
  • Business needs that are getting more complex 
  • Responding to a need for responsiveness. 
  • Less dependence on IT 

Orkestra organizes the data production and circulation chain

  • Control the quality of data produced. 
  • Manage the variety of business processes. 
  • Share and distribute data. 
  • Automate business rules. 
  • Organize data storage. 

From the automation of data processing to the implementation of a governed production system

Alteryx & Orkestra_Workflows

Alteryx speeds up (accelerates) unit processing carried out by business units

But often  

  • Treatments are multiplying  and production is not governed 
  • Treatments are chained together, creating dependencies 
  • Treatments are carried out by different people and knowledge of the sequence of treatments is not assured. 

Therefore, it is necessary to strengthen governance of Alteryx processing sequences. 

Orkestra groups workflows into a process

  • Description of process steps 
  • Industrialization of process steps 
  • Implementation of a production system consistent with the organization 

Orkestra Integrates governance into processes

  • Implementation of upward and downward traceability of data sets in the production process 
  • Implementation of a quality approach with controls at every stage of the process 
  • Application of governance rules at every stage of the process

Traceability management

For each data pipeline, Orkestra integrates a label which is a business token that enables traceability and auditability and facilitates management dialogue and the sharing of created data. Alteryx retrieves this label and inserts it into its transformation workflow. Orkestra uses the label to drive data lineage and data governance.

Sharing data

Alteryx transforms data and makes it available in Orkestra via a marketplace-style interface, the Data Shop. This provides a 360° view of the data and its lifecycle (producer, manager, governance associated with the dataset, quality level, etc.).

Orkestra & Alteryx

The Datahub

Orkestra provides a data environment for each business domain, based on a Data Hub. Orkestra provides a one-stop-shop environment to harmonize the repositories of each business domain. Data in the DataHub is unstructured and ready to use. The DataHub has 2 main functions: the storage and historization of data from each business domain, and the harmonization (meshing) of business domains.

Orkestra evaluates the data sets produced using quality criteria set by the business. Orkestra provides a parameter-setting framework for the business units, and returns to them any data processed by Alteryx that does not comply with the criteria, in an understandable and accessible format.

Accountability at the heart of data governance

Orkestra configures the governance rules for each Data Product, and the business players apply these rules to the datasets produced. Business players become actors in their own governance.