How can we make data easier to access and use? 

After two decades of effort on the part of companies to better collect, analyze and understand data, we can only conclude that many professions still have only limited access to data, and that the democratization of its use is still wishful thinking. 

Yet we know that data is an essential element in improving performance. 

Companies collect and process several types of data on a daily basis: purchasing, production, finance and HR. In an increasingly competitive economic world, there is a growing need to better master the data collected internally and externally, and to make them talk to each other. 

Data in the hands of the business teams 

It is possible to make data available to all employees who wish to use it. To achieve this, we need to move towards the organization of disaggregated and qualified data and enable business units to autonomously manage data processing. 

Often, even if technical solutions are becoming more accessible to users, access to qualified data is not so easy within companies. And yet, access must be fast and error-free. 

According to a Veritas study, employees spend an average of one hour a day searching for data, and French companies lose an average of 1.3 million euros a year due to data management failures! So, there’s a real problem to be solved effectively. 

Organizing business data in a Datahub 

If poor data management represents such a huge financial loss, why are companies still unable to make their data more accessible? 

In reality, the causes are both strategic and operational. The fact that many companies don’t know exactly where to look for their data, which is often located in disconnected, hard-to-access compartments, is a real factor in its inaccessibility. 

These storage platforms (DATAHUBs) are generally the result of robust and efficient technical solutions, but their design overlooks the end need. In other words, easy operation for and by business and non-technical staff. 

As a result, the philosophy of business uses must be taken into account right from the design stage of these storage platforms, which we could call DATAHUB. This will prevent data loss, non-traceability and non-permanence. 

Companies therefore need to find solutions for building a DATAHUB, including a simplified access solution for employees. This solution will make it possible to know what data the company possesses and where it is located, so as to be able to access it. 

Solutions exist for identifying data catalogs (Zeenea, Data Galaxy…), for storing management IS data under the DataMart terminology, for accessing reprocessed data via viewers such as Power BI, Tableau Software and Excel, for downloading and exploiting public data (Opendatasoft, Datagouv, …). 

However, there is no single solution that meets all your needs. 

Access and share business datasets 

ORKESTRA is the MIRACLE solution! 

Designed to manage data processing, ORKESTRA offers an integrated traceability and data quality measurement solution, with the aim of providing employees with a labeled product. 

This product is not a packet of Figolu, but a dataset accessible via a Data Shop. 

If you’re looking for a dataset, the process is simple… You enter the Data Shop, use the filters and the engine to search for your data (all data is tagged), select it after validating its manufacturing and quality characteristics, and download it for use. 

ORKESTRA is your private open data hosted at the heart of your company!