Financial IS and Management Control

A Financial IS under the weight of data

The control of the company’s data, within its Financial IS, is crucial. Without the ability to easily integrate data from different departments, while guaranteeing their quality, finance departments are heavily affected in their ability to operate effectively. 

Identifying your pain points (bread points) related to data allows precise solutions.

Data integration : The Financial IS is often comprises multiple systems and applications that are not always interoperable. 

Data reliability : Input errors, data inconsistencies and synchronization problems lead to reliability issues.  

Process complexity : Financial processes require coordination between different departments and stakeholders. Lack of visibility and transparency can complicate the management of these processes. 

Security : Financial information systems contain sensitive information (customer data, transactions, financial information) that must be protected against cyberattacks and human error. 

Orkestra data flow within the Financial IS

Orkestra contributes to better data management within the Financial Information System (IS). 

The platform makes it easy to integrate data from different departments, while guaranteeing data quality. 

Financial departments are freed from the cumbersome task of managing data for their various processes. 

Automate and secure invoicing

The invoicing process is affected by data rework from Excel spreadsheets and specific rules to be integrated.  

Input data formats and various rules to consider result in recurring errors that directly that impact revenue entry and even customer relationships 

Orkestra address all the issues encountered using Excel and accelerates the data processing chain before invoice production 

Managing EPM input data

Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) solutions enable you to manage budgets and make projections according to defined scenarios.  

These tools are fed with data from the organization’s various departments, and often require data preparation prior to processing. The transformation of data due to multiple sources, formats and usage standards is therefore a prerequisite. 

EPM solutions cannot guarantee data quality or completeness.

Orkestra prepares data upstream of the EPM: 

  • Fine selectivity of the data to be input to the EPM 
  • Guaranteed traceability of EPM scenarios 
  • No “twisting” of the EPM 


Orkestra guarantees the quality, traceability and governance of data produced via Alteryx by the businesses