Orkestra labels data, and those changes everything! 

Orkestra is a business data orchestration platform that enables businesses to increase the quality and traceability of the data they produce and share. At the heart of the system, Orkestra has developed a data labeling technology. 

Data tagging involves assigning labels (or tags) to data to facilitate its search, organization and classification. 

Tags can be used to describe different aspects of the data, such as its content, context, quality, origin, format, and so on. Labels can be created manually or automatically according to predefined rules. 

Data tagging is particularly useful where there is a large amount of heterogeneous data. It simplifies the search for specific data using keywords or filters and makes it easier to organize and classify data according to different criteria. 

Data labeling is also useful in machine learning processes, where labels can be used to train prediction or classification models. Labels can also be used to ensure data quality, by flagging data with errors or inconsistencies. 

In a nutshell, data tagging is a technique for assigning labels or tags to data to make it easier to find, organize, classify and use in machine learning processes.